Zander Zon: All Bass Cover of Metallica’s “The Unforgiven”

Zander Zon has just shared his latest all-bass performance, this time covering Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” in his signature style. Zander using piccolo strings (gauge 020-052) and special tunings on his Zon for his performances. For this video, he incorporates reverb, distortion and some echo.

Amazing, as usual.

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  1. Jeremiasz ?o?nierek

    Nice, but imho itsa not bass anymore, cuz of tuning and piccolo strings.

    • Natanael Carrillo

      but playing it on a bass is just bad ass

    • Jeremiasz ?o?nierek

      Natanael Carrillo surely it is, but real badass will be plaing it on standard tuning ;d

    • Ricky Lozano

      Jeremiasz ?o?nierek so would tuning a guitar low would magically turn it into a bass guitar?!! wow, Its a bass!!, manufactured to be a bass, able to sound like one, played like one. put it in a case open it back up, amazing still a bass. Its a bass.

    • Jeremiasz ?o?nierek

      Ricky Lozano when u buy ur sport car, u put in some offroad tires and ure going into wild? yeah it can work, and its still a sport car! but imho driving like a normal sport car is much better, and when i want to go offroad, ill buy 4×4, same with guitars, there are guitars, baritons and bass, and making from guitar bass, from bass guitar etc by tuning and changing strings work, but its not essence of this instruments.

    • Ken Schmechel

      Ricky Lozano: Bass refers to the range. Such as a tenor versus bari (baritone) soprano sax. So if it plays notes in the bass range it is a bass. If it doesn’t it isn’t. There is no arguement It’s the note range that makes it bass.

  2. Uwe Forschner

    Lots of guitarists use this string-gauge für drop-tunings.Is it usus nowadays to take any instrument and “declare”, this is a bass? OK, so my son plays bass – with his drop-tuned guitar and strings in a similar gauge.

  3. Armando Quattrocchi

    soooo cooolll … ilove it`

  4. Lorenzo Mattei


  5. Ken Schmechel

    Piccolo bass = four string guitar.

    • Joseph Grazier

      No, it’s not. It’s played completely differently than a guitar. Same sound =/= same instrument.

  6. sound like a chapmanstick. Sooooo good!

  7. Surely the lowering of the barrier between instruments is a good thing..

  8. Why do you guys have to keep beating this horse? Is it bass? Is it not bass? The dude’s a bass player. He thinks like a bass player. He approaches the instrument like a bass player. When he wants to play in the higher registers, he does it with the instrument he can express himself best on. A bass. Who cares what the string gauges are? Call it whatever you want……… this guy’s good at what he does.

  9. Long live Zander Zon! Epic.

  10. I heard better stuff from this guy.

  11. Just when you think your own playing is getting better you see talent like this awesome talent mate..keep it up

  12. This is an amazing piece. Great job. I admire your creativity and decision to go with piccolo strings and tuning. I’t obvious you are well versed in bass, but you apparently are no slouch in the guitaring thing as well :). Rock on Zander, shine in your uniqueness.