Marcelo Cordova: Live Bass Solo

Damian Erskine told me to check out bassist Marcelo Cordova recently, and I’m glad he did. I think I watched every video I could find, and while it was difficult to pick one, I think this is my favorite.

Here’s Marcelo taking a tasty solo during a live performance in 2010. He’s playing his Ays 6-string.

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  1. Andy Alonso

    See you later, I’m hittin’ the shed! ;)

    • Jonathan Skiffington

      Oh man…good stuff! There are a bunch of breat guys on that page!

    • Jonathan Skiffington

      By breat I mean they are really bood. Bawesome. I mean brilliant!

  2. Waldo Valenzuela


  3. Dario Montero

    grande Marcelo!

  4. Fernando Soto Silva

    Congrats mate!

  5. Omar Salomón Jaña


  6. Fabián Concha Pacheco

    Lo mejor Marcelo!!!

  7. I want this sound! Super clean and voicey… is that even a word? :P