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Bass Transcription: A Little Piece for Jaco

It’s been a long time since my last transcription because it’s summer here in South America, and I’ve been very busy working and playing. Recently I played with my latest project, CZDUO, at the Lebu Jazz Festival. It’s a bass-drum duo with a lot of electronica.

I also wrote “A Little Piece for Jaco,” for a review of Willcox basses, which uses an optical pickup system with cleaner tone and more sustain. It’s really cool. I decided to share the piece as this month’s transcription.

Even though it’s a bass melody, the melody of the tune is written in treble clef, because it’s easier to read in that way. Try to sing along with the fretless bass.

About the music – obviously, it’s a Jaco tribute and very close to “Three Views of a Secret.” Check out that song on Weather Report’s Night Passage and Jaco’s Word of Mouth record.

I’m including the backing track without the melody, so try to do your own version and have fun!

Download the transcription and follow along with the video: