Fuchs Announces Bruiser Bass Amp Models

Fuchs Bruiser Bass Amp

After nearly a year of product testing since displaying a prototype at the last Winter NAMM Show, Fuchs Audio Technology has announced three final models of their Bruiser Bass Amp: The Bruiser, the Bruiser-I, and the Bruiser-II.

The main difference between each head is power, as the original Bruiser is rated 500 watts into 4 ohms while the Bruiser-I is 1000 watts and the Bruiser-II features dual 1000-watt power amps, ultimately delivering 2000-watts.

Each of the models share an all-tube front end utilizing three 12AX7 tubes. Controls include Gain, a hi/low gain selector, a deep switch, a bright switch, High and Low controls, and a parametric mid-range control.

For live and recording situations, the built-in DI output has a separate volume, and has a ground lift, pre/post tone switch, and a phase switch. Other features include a mute switch, a fan cooled aluminum chassis, and a 40-second turn-on delay. The amps have switch mode amplifiers, but with a conventional power supply.

The Fuchs Bruiser Bass Amps are available with MAP’s of $1,995, $2,495, and $2,895, respectively. For more info, visit the Fuchs Audio Technology website.

Fuchs Bruiser Bass Amp Specs:

  • 500, 1000, 2000-watt Models
  • All-tube Preamp
  • Hi/Low Gain Selector
  • Deep, Bright Switches
  • Baxandall High and Low Controls
  • Tube Parametric Midrange Control
  • Mute Switch
  • DI Output with Separate Level Control

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