Hyunmo Kim: “The First Noel” for Solo Bass

Editor’s note: we’re celebrating the holidays this week with some awesome (and sometimes funny) holiday videos. Be sure to check back every day for some holiday cheer, bass-style.

Get your egg nog ready. Arthur Baucour sent in this video of Korean bassist Hyunmo Kim playing a jaw-dropping rendition of “The First Noel.”

As a gift to all of you who want to learn it, Kim posted a transcription of the arrangement so you can wow your friends and family this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at No Treble.

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  1. Art Waardenburg

    Very cool!

  2. unfocused guitar player, still very good though.

  3. Merry christams to all of you at No Treble from me and my band Fried Arm!

  4. This looks like the same guy that dresses like a girl.

  5. awesome composition, and beautiful tone.

  6. Julie Smith

    Thank you do much for making your sheet music available! I’m a cellist, and I will be using a simplified version of this for a pergormance soon!