Tommy Stinson: The Next GN’R Album will Come Quicker Than Chinese Democracy

Tommy StinsonGuns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson says the follow-up to Chinese Democracy should come “much quicker” than its predecessor, which was a project 15 years in the making before it was released in 2008.

“You know, I just see us making a record much quicker, because, in hindsight, a lot of what happened with Chinese Democracy, we could get around now,” he told Jason Woodbury of the Phoenix New Times. “Mostly what happened with that record, why it took so long, was we just had no help from the record company whatsoever. [Axl] got zero help from anyone outside the band to do it. You know, it just got stupider and stupider as the record company kept throwing bad A&R guys [at us]…”

Stinson went on to cite producer Roy Thomas Baker’s insistence on re-recording all the parts and the changing music industry as further factors for delaying the album. The bassist previously reported there was left over material, but no solid plans for an album yet.

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