Bass of the Week: Marleaux Diva

Marleaux Diva Custom Bass

Gerald Marleaux’s artistic flair really shines through in his Diva model, a fretless bass with an avant-garde body shape and three-octave rosewood fingerboard.

Designed to have an acoustic resonance reminiscent of an upright bass, the neck-through bass is built with a three-piece padauk neck with a custom choice of woods for the body wings and top.

The Diva includes a single custom-made oval quad-coil pickup made by Delano, which can be switched between single coil, parallel, and series modes. The passive volume and tone control knobs are slightly recessed for a cool ergonomic feel. All the hardware can be either chrome or gold and is custom made by ETS and Schaller.

The Marleaux Diva is available in 4-, 5-, and 6-string models with further customization options. The bass has a street price of $5,950, which includes options and shipping.

Marleaux Diva Photo Gallery:

Marleaux Diva Specs:

Neck:3-piece Padauk Neck
Fingerboard:Rosewood, with 3 octaves
Body:2-piece Body Wings With Top, Wood of Choice
Shape:Ergonomic Shaping
Pickup:Diva Quad-coil, Custom Made by Delano, Wood Cover
Controls:Pickup Mode Switch, Passive Volume, Passive Tone
Hardware:Chrome or Gold, Custom Made by ETS/Schaller; Security Locks

Marleaux Diva Demo:

For more information:

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  1. Duane Larkin

    I’ll take one 5 string, and one six…oh, wait. I forgot that money IS an object. Never mind. ;)

  2. Centipede Farmer


  3. Ray De La Peña

    The price is not bad considering the specs and how is has an upright bass feel and sound.

  4. Josh Way


  5. Matt Gold

    So sexy!

  6. Don Houle

    Nice is nice, but damn……

  7. In all honesty, if I ever had the money, this is the only boutique fretless I’d consider buying. fantastic. catchy riff, too…