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Bass of the Week: Marleaux Diva

Marleaux Diva Custom Bass

Gerald Marleaux’s artistic flair really shines through in his Diva model, a fretless bass with an avant-garde body shape and three-octave rosewood fingerboard.

Designed to have an acoustic resonance reminiscent of an upright bass, the neck-through bass is built with a three-piece padauk neck with a custom choice of woods for the body wings and top.

The Diva includes a single custom-made oval quad-coil pickup made by Delano, which can be switched between single coil, parallel, and series modes. The passive volume and tone control knobs are slightly recessed for a cool ergonomic feel. All the hardware can be either chrome or gold and is custom made by ETS and Schaller.

The Marleaux Diva is available in 4-, 5-, and 6-string models with further customization options. The bass has a street price of $5,950, which includes options and shipping.

Marleaux Diva Photo Gallery:

Marleaux Diva Specs:

Neck:3-piece Padauk Neck
Fingerboard:Rosewood, with 3 octaves
Body:2-piece Body Wings With Top, Wood of Choice
Shape:Ergonomic Shaping
Pickup:Diva Quad-coil, Custom Made by Delano, Wood Cover
Controls:Pickup Mode Switch, Passive Volume, Passive Tone
Hardware:Chrome or Gold, Custom Made by ETS/Schaller; Security Locks

Marleaux Diva Demo:

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