Sandberg Previews MarloweDK Signature Bass

Sandberg MarloweDK Signature Bass Prototype

Thomas Risell, better known as MarloweDK, is one of the most watched bassists on Youtube. His instructional and playalong videos have been viewed more than 22 million times on Youtube, and his lessons here on No Treble are incredibly popular as well.

No surprise then, that the bassist caught the attention of Sandberg Guitars, who are developing the MarloweDK Signature Bass.

The company has announced the completion of the first prototype of the instrument, which is set to be officially released at Musikmesse 2012, which takes place in early April of next year.

The bass features an alder body and maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and a tortoise pickguard, passive elctronics. The bass sports a “special MarloweDK red” finish with aging techniques applied, to “make it look like it has been around for 30 or 40 years,” as MarloweDK said.

MarloweDK Signature Bass Gallery:

MarloweDK Signature Bass Specs:

  • Alder Body
  • Special MarloweDK Red
  • Special Aging Treatment
  • Maple Neck
  • MarloweDK Neck Shape
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Pearloid Block Inlays
  • Sandberg AliNiCo Pickups
  • MarloweDK Pickup Positions
  • Tortoise Pickguard
  • Passive Electronics
  • Sandberg Nickel Hardware
  • Sandberg Gigbag

Making Of Video:

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  1. Matty Bryson

    Very cool vids, happening bass! MDK’s youtube has it’s own shortcut on my Chrome. Dude is the coolest!

  2. Steitz Maurice

    a little bit too much

  3. Sean Michael Ray


  4. Mike Van Tine

    Sean, good to see you here man! I will be back at you with more details on the MarloweDK as soon as they are released.

    If you are located in the US and need help getting your hands on a Sandberg message me here or email [email protected].

    Visit us at Winter NAMM B ooth # 2694.

    • Sean Michael Ray

      Thanks Mike!! You are the man!! I’m lovin’ this axe!!

    • Mike Van Tine

      I told you man, I’m playing the entry level passive TT4 with upgraded tuners and Hard Core Aging and the bass is KILLIN’!!!! Straight passive, no bells and whistles, just pickups and volume/balance/tone.

      I know you like volume/volume/tone but I really dig Sandberg’s standard setup of volume/balance/tone. You can get your Sandberg wired for volume/volume/tone if that is your preference.

    • Sean Michael Ray

      Yo Mike, Marlowe hit me back from his FB fan page last night. He said it’s volume, volume, & tone. Gotta have it bro! That’s the only true jazz bass configuration!!

    • Mike Van Tine

      that’s what you wanted!

    • Nik West


    • Sean Michael Ray

      No doubt Mike! Can’t wait! (Bart Scott ) Lol!

  5. Dayvid Weatherly

    Hope it sounds better than it looks:

  6. All you need is vol, vol, tone. The rest is in your fingers.

  7. I hope you don’t have to pay extra for the bass to be made to look like it’s been beat to shit.

    • I saw the video where they did beat on it.

    • I don’t understand the whole “relic” thing. Fender makes them as well. They put cigarette burns and everything you could imagine on them.

    • they are aimed at people who want to look “cool”. but really, most wear is usually on the back thanks to belts and buttons. thats real wear, not the fake i want to look like i have been doing this for years kinda wear.

    • you wouldn’t buy a “relic” car would you. big dents on the bodywork, a bit of rust here n there and the bumper hanging off. why by a bass that looks like its been found on a rubbish tip. ?

    • That’s a great analogy. But I’d bet you’d find a market for it somewhere. I’ve seen clothes for sale that are distressed with tears, holes and frayed seams though I’ve never checked the price. I’ve got a “relic” pair of boots I could sell you that already have holes in the bottoms.

    • Yeah, I get really upset if i find so much as a minor scratch on my bass. I try to polish and clean it, I want it to be shiny.