ChaotH from UneXpecT: Words

Here’s an awesome clip of 9-string bassist ChaotH (aka Frédérick Filiatrault) playing the song “Words” from his band UneXpecT’s album Fables of the Sleepless Empire.

ChaotH, who admits that his hair is the source of his bass playing power, takes full advantage of his extended range instrument with some beautiful chordal playing reminiscent of some Tony Levin’s Chapman Stick work in King Crimson. Of course he brings down to the bottom for some heaviness as well. Tapping, slapping, finger-style… he does it all.

Thanks to our friend Robert Florio for sending it in.

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  1. Steven Sawka

    You either like this or you don’t! I’m not sure at this stage :-[.

  2. Steven Striano

    9 string bass! Check out his playing!

  3. Clifton Ray Jackson

    Extended Range Bass playing! WOW!

  4. Jeffery Walls

    This is a nice piece. Great tapping!

  5. Jeremy Love Hayward

    It’s really cool, it just doesn’t sound like music…..

    • David Schwab

      How doesn’t it sound like music? What does music sound like? You mean it doesn’t sound like a certain style of music. There;s all kinds of music in the world. Some is simple pop songs, and some is complicated and challenging. It’s all relevant.

    • Jeremy Love Hayward

      David Schwab I guess what I meant to say is: In my opinion, it doesn’t have any melody or soul, just a bunch of tricks over and over that are very challenging to perform for sure, but do nothing for me artistically…

    • David Schwab

      Jeremy Love Hayward Well there is a melody in the background. We are hearing the bass part. Bass parts don’t always have a lot of melody, although the good ones are melodic. There were some melodies there, though they were at a quick pace.

      Not all music is soulful, funky, has a groove, or even a melody. Sometimes instead of a stroll you want a race. Music is about emotions, and always hearing the same emotion every day is boring to a lot of people, me being one of them.

      I grew up with the Beatles and Motown, but I really like progressive rock and fusion, and anything that sounds different. But not different for the sake of different. I like everything except country and opera. But everyone has their option. I don’t care much for tapping, but he’s very good at it.

      When I hear something I don’t care for I say I don’t care of it, but I leave the option on its musicality to those that like that style.

      Not everyone like the same thing, and that’s what makes the world go around.

      But we should all say no to auto tune! :)

  6. Josh Way

    Sick toon… Dream Theater meets DM… Beautiful short scale extended range bass.

  7. ChaotH is a truely gifted bass player, writes great parts and plays very very well! Unexpect are quickly becoming my favourite band! Wonderful music.

  8. It’s a surfboard! A skateboard? Or perhaps part of a table? Ok, ok. I’m kidding. In all seriousness, there’s something about these monstrous basses that…eh, I don’t know. Still, no one can deny his amazing skills, and I do like the band. I was very close to buying one of their CDs earlier today, actually.

    • And he plays a Fred Bolton Bee bass like me ;)

    • Heh. I thought you might reply. You have 7 strings, but this guy has 2 more! That’s the difference between a 4 and a 6 – it’s a big difference, IMHO. But hey, I’m not *really* knocking it at all, aside from the fact that it LOOKS like a monstrosity. LOL! :-)

  9. This is an incredible piece. Well done.