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Vvon Dogma I: Communion

Former Unexpect bassist ChaotH (aka Frederick Filiatrault) has a new band called Vvon Dogma I. He formed the group after his former group split up as a means to continue expressing his creativity.

“Vvon Dogma I is an expression that I created that means to me the second incarnation of any entity, the evolution from one state of being to another one that is infinitely more powerful or conscious or evolved,”he told New Noise Magazine. I wanted to feature my freak instrument of a nine-string bass. It is often a Frankenstein of bits and pieces of writing. But I also want people to know it’s not about shredding or anything. I wanted to see how I could apply this weird playing style in a musically accessible venue. My art is songwriting plus arranging and the 9 string is only one aspect of it. I find it definitely adds an interesting flavor. Hopefully, people will see it for what it is as a whole.”

The band’s first track, “Communion,” blends heaviness with electronica, all supported by ChaotH’s sick bass lines. Check it out:

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