DR Strings Introduces New Dragon-Skin Strings

DR Strings Dragon-Skin StringsDR Strings has released Dragon-Skin Strings, their new line of clear coated bass and guitar strings. This line is said to have “less unwanted overtones, more volume, and greater articulation” than uncoated strings.

The Dragon-Skin bass strings feature the company’s proprietary K3 coating applied to nickel plated steel wrap wire and are available in standard gauges in 4 and 5-string configurations.

The strings are available now with street prices ranging from $37 to $45.

Dragon-Skin Bass Sets:

  • DSB-40 (40-100)
  • DSB-45 (45-105)
  • DSB5-40 (40-120)
  • DSB5-45 (45-125)

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  1. Andrew Slater

    Aren’t these coated stainless? Yum

  2. sweet! atleast that solves my elixir string problem ^_^.