Dog-On-It Announces Freekbass Signature Strings

Dog-On-It Strings Freekbass Signature Bass StringsDog-On-It Strings has teamed up with Freekbass to create a new signature series of strings for the bassist. Though he’s known for his funk style, the company says that the four-string set was designed specifically for tone, comfort, and diverse playability. Freekbass concurs and explains the creation of the line, which features a nickel wrap.

“[Dog-On-It Strings President] Eddie Cantu reached out to me a few months ago, and asked if I would be interested in creating a set of bass strings that would be both funky and practical for the everyday gigging musician,” he writes. “We went through a few different versions and came up with this set that I love using and think many other bassists will, too. Great for thumping & plucking, finger-style, & pick playing. The gauge is 45-105 which always works great for keeping things thick, full, and smooth for playing live or recording.”

The Dog-On-It Freekbass Signature Strings are available for pre-order at $20.99. They will be shipping at the beginning of 2021.

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