Before 2112: Make Some Noise for Rush

RushDuring our down time (is there such a thing?) during the holiday week, the No Treble crew decided to put up a petition site for Rush, calling out the epic failure on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s part to keep them out.

Well, they didn’t nickname me “Instigator” for nothing. Thanks to some help from our good friends at Keyframe Films, we put together the tongue-in-cheek named site, Before 2112.

(We sure hope it doesn’t take one hundred years. We’d kind of like to see it.)

This idea came to us with our recent coverage of the Red Hot Chili Peppers among the list of inductees this year. No Treble readers were pretty angry – not because the Chili Peppers were getting in, but because Rush was absent from the list once again.

Some of you have even voiced your hope that Rush never gets in, not because you don’t think they belong, but because of this obvious snub. Many of you hope that if the time ever does come for Rush to be added to the list, that Rush in turn snubs the Hall and doesn’t accept.

That, of course, is up to the more-than-worthy Canadian trio. We just want to see if we can make enough noise and right a wrong.

So, check out the site and awesome video, sign your name, and spread the good word.

Heck, I’ll throw in the video just to help get you inspired:

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  1. Geörge William Temes

    I could really give a rat’s ass if Rush ever dignifies this mockery of a tourist trap with their induction, but I do think it’s kinda cool that everyone now knows what a fraud the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall really is.