Ed Friedland: Looping Bass Version of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again”

Here’s a cool video of Ed Friedland, aka the Bass Whisperer, building up a full on version of Steely Dan’s classic “Do It Again” during a 2010 clinic at the Bass Emporium in Austin, Texas.

After “giving the drummer some,” Friedland fills out the tune’s bass line, chords and melody before ripping into a tasty solo.

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  1. Geoff Kovarik

    Cool! Shows you what focused analysis, practice and creative spirit can do when properly aligned…

  2. Dell E. Fisher

    tastefully done!

  3. Very Nice I wish I had a brain!

  4. Give this guy a listen!

  5. What effect is he using to lay down the line and play over it?

  6. So deeply tasteful and groovin. My.

  7. nice I’m tring to do that with all blues it not easy.

  8. That was very nicely done and a total pleasure to hear, thanks!

  9. Great work. Amazing that people can’t seem to STFU and listen to something like this happening right in front of them. Seems to be the rule of thumb now, no matter how great the music is…there’s a constant murmur of talking in the background. If I was God they’d all be in Hell, up to their necks in lava with their phones just out of reach. ;~) One of my favorite songs…Nailed!

  10. Ed is always worth a listen and no matter how good you are, you’re going to walk away learning something.

  11. I really don’t care for loops even when Jaco is using ’em.

  12. Ed is great and I am totally entranced by all the solo bassmanship, popping, tapping, double thumbing etc., on No Treble but I have never been in a classic rock, power trio, gospel group, folk -rock ensemble or blues band where anyone (especially the lead guitarist ) was interested me in doing anything like that.

  13. As a drummer I find his approach inspirational