Federico Malaman: Speed Demon “Live”

Bassist Federico Malaman pays tribute to Michael Jackson with a live version of the King of Pop’s “Speed Demon.” The song’s title rings true for the blazing lick that Malaman pulls off throughout the clip, starting at the 0:27 mark.

You might recognize this bass by Laurus. The Laurus T900-XR was our bass of the week earlier this month.

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  1. Super clean thumb work!

  2. Killer slap technique!

  3. Not to take away from the music or playing, it was killer… but when I first saw him all I could think was “… Newman.”

  4. Awesome! The look at the thumb at the end was hilarious!

  5. loved it…great grove and great timing…wish I could borrow those fingers!

  6. zowie…that was great!