Chris Squire and Steve Hackett To Release Collaborative Album as “Squackett”

Prog-rock bassist Chris Squire’s collaboration with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is finally coming to fruition, according to the Yes founder. Going by the name Squackett, the duo have been planning an album for years, and Squire has finally said that fans can expect the wait to be over this spring with the release of an album of original material.

The two musicians first worked together in 2006 for Chris Squire’s “Swiss Choir” album. “After that we started writing together, and then I realized Steve actually was a pretty good singer,” Squire told Billboard. “Our voices blend really, really well, so there’s quite a bit of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-type harmony stuff on the Squackett album as well as some pretty heavy-duty bass and guitar playing. It’s a lot of good elements, and it sounds very good.”

The veteran rocker also noted that though he has several touring commitments with Yes, Squackett has “more than enough material” for a show and are planning to take it on the road in the Fall. The tour would also give them a chance to play each other’s solo material, including the bassist’s 1975 album Fish Out of Water.

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  1. WOW! A show with some Fish out of Water and hopefully some Wind and Wuthering material as well!

  2. Who’s taking the drums? Crucial question!

  3. This would be SOOO much better than seeing Chris with the tribute band singer…

  4. Drummer rumoured (strongly) to be Simon Phillips…