Yes: I’ve Seen All Good People (Live – 1973)

A Youtuber who goes by Professor Chocolate Cake put together this impressive video of Yes performing “I’ve Seen All Good People” live in 1973.

“The footage and the audio are from two completely different performances of the song but I matched them up (or at least attempted to do so). There will be some obvious jump cuts throughout the video but it was the best I could do,” he shared.

The footage of Chris Squire and the band is fantastic, as is the production work.

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  1. John Bradford

    Still the best

  2. Ron Eichstaedt

    Steve Howe is a chameleon. On Your Move, he’s a laid back medieval minstrel…then he shreds it on electric for All Good People. Other guitarists, like Steve Hackett, could switch gears and guitar mid-song, but nobody owned each one like Howe.

    • marklewis99

      Steve was the maestro — looks at his confidence and swagger, especially when he tears into the solo licks on All Good People He’s still great now but when you watch him, it’s sad but to that swagger is missing.

  3. marklewis99

    Met the late great Chris Squire after a show in Minneapolis. He was very nice and gracious — all class.

  4. Chris Squire was a monster.