Gruv Gear Announces Damian Erskine Duostrap Signature Bass Strap

Gruv Gear Damian Erskine Duostrap SignatureGruv Gear has introduced the Duostrap Signature, a genuine leather strap backed by bassist (and No Treble columnist) Damian Erskine. The new strap features a pair of over-the-shoulder straps for balanced weight distribution to reduce shoulder strain while keeping a comfortable playing position.

By design, the right shoulder strap loops around the upper horn of your bass for support, though an adapter for single-cut basses is available. The strap is adjustable for a proper fit of the right shoulder in addition to overall length, which can be set anywhere between 33” and 44.”

The Gruv Gear Duostrap Signature comes in natural colors and will be available in March, 2012 with a street price of around $149. For more, check out the Gruv Gear site.

Damian Erskine DuoStrap Signature by Gruv Gear Demo:

Update: Jay at Gruv Gear sent us this photo of the adapter for the Duostrap:

Duostrap adapter

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  1. I have a seven string singlecut that is a bit on the heavy side , and is hard to keep balanced. this would help so much.

  2. 150 bucks, you must be kidding me.. Keeping in mind, it’s probably going to be even more expensive in Europe. I haven’t found any info, how do I attach this belt to a singlecut bass, without mounting any screws, or interfering the bass otherwise?

  3. I was about to say the same thing…150$ for a thanks.

  4. I was about to say the same thing…150$ for a thanks.

  5. I was about to say the same thing…150$ for a thanks.

  6. I was about to say the same thing…150$ for a thanks.

  7. You know this is all markup, 150 bucks of it.

  8. Don’t worry – they’ll be Chinese copies out a day after these come out for about $14.99.

  9. All mark up, but a revolutionary idea nonetheless. Guitar is one of the few instruments to be so lop sided in it’s design – this double strap goes a long way in undoing the huge amount of pressure we all put on our left shoulders over the years of playing.

  10. So how can this address neck dive for players who want to play with the neck going upwards instead of sideways like Damien has it?