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Code: Marla with the OBW Bassists: 9 Basses

Here at No Treble, we love bass. We really love bass. But what we love even more is the bass community.That’s why we were pumped to hear about this collaborative effort from a group called the Organic Bass Wobble Forum.

“Last year a small Facebook group was set up by Shaun Rathy with the aim to getting together as many bassists, interested in making live dubstep style wobbles, together to discuss ideas and techniques and create scene of live electronic music,” OBW member Code:Marla explains. “What started as 3 guys has now grown to around 600 (and some ladies) from all over the world. At the end of last year I had the idea to write a track using live samples provided by a selection of the people in the group. This is the result. I asked 8 bassists to write a brief bass line (in Am) and send it to me along with a video. I then cut those lines into tiny sections and re-mixed them into the track you are listening to.”

The eight other bassists are Brock Livingstone, Graeme Johnson, Nick Cornell, Nathan Navarro, Sara Farina, Alf Marius Valan, Ralf Schick and Rathy.

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