Chi Cheng Shows Some Signs of Improvement

Chi ChengFormer Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is showing further signs of recovery since a November 2008 car accident left him in a coma. A new video of Cheng shows him lifting his leg on request, which is a good sign of improvement, especially considering he’s been incapacitated for over three years.

While the video shows a step in the right direction, Cheng still has a long way to go, according to One Love for Chi.

“Please don’t think that we aren’t completely thrilled with Chi lifting his leg on request… but… it is a baby step,” says Gina, the site’s creator. “Although this is progress, he is still considered to be in a ‘minimally conscious’ state. He doesn’t complete tasks like this on request every time.”

As we previously reported, the family is trying to raise money to continue to help pay for Cheng’s recovery. To learn more and donate, visit One Love for Chi.

All our best to Chi for continued good news and recovery.

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  1. Sad stuff, man.. I guess the silver lining is a reminder to play as much as you can when you can and never stop for anything..

  2. we miss you Chi….keep fighting bro…keep fighting.