Earth, Wind and Fire: “That’s the Way of the World”, Live (1981)

Of all the great EWF songs out there, “That’s the Way of the World” might be my favorite. Here’s the band performing that tune live at a 1981 concert in Oakland, and they are in top shape.

Of course, the legendary Verdine White is helping to lay down the “almighty groove.”

As one commenter reacted, “Verdine on bass. It just doesn’t get any better!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. As usual, Verdine lays down a smooth groove which does far more than lay down the foundation. It adds the flavor between keyboard/guitar and drummer.

  2. When I first heard the studio recording of this back in 1975 it BLEW MY EARS APART and if I can trace one song/recording/perfomance that made me want to become a bassist this is it! Thanks for sharing this :D

  3. Amazing band….Amazing song, WOW! I’ve always loved it.

  4. That groove is locked..
    Verdine on the bass , Rhythm guitar, drums is tight.
    Wardrobe designer needs to be interviewed for possible interrogation.

  5. There is only one Verdine White! Nothing but tight rhythms in the bass line, A SHINING STAR bassist that has set the bar standards for generations of musicians in the low register. My personal favorite bassist.

  6. I had the privelege of being at the same table as Verdine and Ralph Johnson at a Chicago show in Las Vegas and had never met either. Verdine was with his wife and had a gangster look on his face. I whispered in his ear an introduction and told him myself as a bass player, I had put his playing on a pedestal for 30 years. He grinned ear to ear and thanked me and told me he appreciated it when others commented on his playing. It was among the best two hours I have ever spent. Both Verdine and Ralph were as kind, humble and eloquent as you could imagine.

  7. William

    His bass line on Shining Star is the gold standard of funk. That’s the tune I would have picked to demonstrate his transcendental grooviness!