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Steampunk Band BB Blackdog Releases “No. One”

BB Blackdog: No. OneBB Blackdog is a band that defies the norm. Comprised of two bassists and a drummer, the Steampunk rock outfit has been spreading their own brand of catchy riffs and low-end goodness for several years with tours across Europe and the U.S.

John Ferguson is the band’s rhythm bassist and Dale Rowles is the lead bassist and vocalist. The trio also includes drummer Axel Boldt.

Now the trio has released their first official album, No. One, a 13-track collection described as psychedelic, funk, blues, stoner, rock with a Steampunk-style. If you’re trying to figure out how that works, get a load of this video for the tune “What You Need”:

Preview and download No. One:

No. One Track List:

  1. BB BlackDog
  2. Politicians
  3. Naïve Common Sense
  4. Spin
  5. What you Need
  6. Gimp
  7. When I met you
  8. Speed Dating
  9. Just One More
  10. Problems
  11. Good and Bad
  12. I’ve had my Fill
  13. Bonus Live tracks