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Evan Marien: “Havona” (Jaco Pastorius Solo Bass Cover)

Evan Marien has taken one of Jaco Pastorius’ great compositions, “Havona” and put his spin on it. Evan took the chord changes for the tune, programmed some backing tracks on his computer, and let it rip on his bass.

Evan shares the details:

“I’m playing and soloing over the chord changes to Havona by Jaco Pastorius:
Emaj7#11 Cmaj7#11 Bmaj7#11 Gmaj7#11
Emin7-Emaj7 Cmaj7#11 Bmaj7#11 Gmaj7#11
Bsus4 for a couple bars then the awesome line to finish the section, which I think of as Cmaj7#11”

And the specs:

“Recorded from the direct out of my Markbass amp into Logic Pro. Also used the Markbass Markstudio 1 plug-in to shape bass tone. Used Reason 6 to program the tracks.”

[Editor’s note: check out our transcription of Evan’s arrangement.]

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