Dean Introduces Updated Ashley Purdy Signature Basses

Black Veil Brides bassist Ashley Purdy had a new pair of Dean Signature basses debut at the NAMM show this year, with the Spire “War Paint” and Cadi “Outlaw” models.

Co-designed by the bassist and the company, the basses are revamps of the existing models, with special graphics added to suit Purdy’s style.

Dean Ashley Purdy Spire War Paint Signature Bass

When Purdy first joined up with Dean, he played a Spire with custom graphics he did himself. The new signature model replicates all of the “War Paint” graphics, and includes “Spire” fingerboard inlays.

Other features include a Mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, Grover tuners, and a pair of DMT Design pickups with a 3-band active EQ.

Dean Ashley Purdy Spire “War Paint” Specs:

  • Mahogany Top / Body
  • 34” Scale
  • 1.56” Nut
  • Set Mahogany C Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Abalone / Pearl “Spire” Inlays
  • Grover Tuners
  • Black Hardware
  • ABM Bridge
  • 2 DMT Design / 3-Band Active EQ Pickups
  • Finishes: “War Paint” Graphic

The Cadi “Outlaw” features similar graphics with the word “Outlaw” inlayed in the fingerboard. The back has a unique graphic of a heavy metal queen playing card.

Dean Ashley Purdy Cadi Outlaw Signature Bass

The bass is also mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard, but differs from the Spire in that it has sealed die cast tuners and DMT designed PJ pickups. Designed for simplicity, the controls on the bass only consist of a volume knob and a pickup switch.

Ashley Purdy Cadi “Outlaw” Specs:

  • Mahogany Top / Body
  • 34” Scale
  • 1.56” Nut
  • Set Mahogany C Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Pearl “OUTLAW” Inlays
  • Sealed Die Cast Tuners
  • Black Chrome Hardware
  • Die Cast Bridge
  • DMT Design PJ Pickups
  • Finishes: “Outlaw” Graphic

The Dean Ashley Purdy Signature Spire and Cadi basses will be available with a street price of $569 each. For more, check out the Dean website.

Dean Ashley Purdy Signature Bass Demo:

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