Jeff Beck and Rhonda Smith: “Brush with Blues”, Live at the White House

Our Facebook friend Smokee Bear shares this video with us, of Jeff Beck and Rhonda Smith performing at the White House last week. The group, which also includes Veronica Bellino on drums, is performing “Brush with the Blues” as part of a night of music dubbed “Red White & Blues”.

Smokee said, “PBS’ showing the performance of ‘Red, White and Blues at the White House’ was edited a bit too much. Glad we watched the live streaming. [I] really hope PBS will put out a DVD and include more, [because] they didn’t have any of Jeff Beck’s with bassist Rhonda Smith [in the broadcast]. Also… many of the performances out of [sequence]. Still good though!”

For those who missed it, the magic of the interwebs comes through once again:

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  1. Rhonda Smith is a bad woman! Lousy editing to leave this out!

  2. Don Was chillin in the front row.

  3. Jeff amazing! Felt a little sorry for Mr and Mrs President having a camera on ’em during and intimate concert….. regardless the whole band/performance was great!

  4. what happened to rhonda & veronica. where r they now?

  5. jeff beck’s lack of dynamics is obvious here.

  6. Jeff can make the guitar sing ,,, nicely.