Tony Grey: Floating River Yangtze

Tony Grey shares this video he put together using a variety of bass loops and showcasing his new Fodera Signature model. Every one of the loops was recorded using the bass.

The tune is “Floating River Yangtze”. So cool.

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  1. I found it to be pretty soothing, especially when you harmonized the bass with your vocals.

  2. Take a listen to this. Looping is definitely an art unto itself. Thanks to NoTreble for this.

  3. Is there anyone who play’s with a pair on here, every video Ive seen have all been dainty jazz solos or some crappy tapping. Can you please put some BASS on here.

    • lol. spoken like a Raider fan! I’m not hating, I’m a Raider fan too!!!

      And I appreciate what you’re saying. Though I am able to enjoy these “dainty jazz solos” too. They’ve feature Pino playing with John Mayer on here too so they do music other than just jazz.

  4. the thing I like most about this is he didn’t slap or pop 1 time. Man cool tune and refreshing to hear something on a bass web sit with no slapping.

  5. Very nice, very musical- great job! It has an air of Coldplay about it.

  6. Excellent song. Well done with the loops. This video clarifies your earning your own signature model. ;) Would you be offended if I made a comparison to solo Sting work? BUT, I don’t recall Sting firing off runs like those you introduce in the latter moments of the video… :) Very well done.

  7. This sounds like a Pat Metheny piece. Though I personally like playing in the lower registers, I wouldn’t mind being skilled enough to play in the upper range. Good job!

  8. great art with feeling nice job man.

  9. Is the link supposed to work on an iPhone? I just get eternal spinning spokes. Ideally it would open in the YouTube app, if installed.