Fodera Introduces New Tony Grey Signature Monarch 6 Elite Headless Bass

Fodera Tony Grey Signature Monarch 6 Elite Headless Bass

Fodera has worked with bassist Tony Grey to update his signature model, resulting in the new Tony Grey Signature Monarch 6 Elite Headless bass. The instrument, which is fitted with a set of Fodera/Duncan dual coil pickups and a matching ramp, was revamped over the last year to be made as compact and lightweight as possible without sacrificing tone and playability.

“As Tony has been intrigued by the Mini MG model, it was only fitting that we proceeded in a similar direction,” the company writes. “Featuring a headless design, 30.75″ scale, and 16.5mm bridge spacing, the new Tony Grey Signature accomplishes just that… It even fits in a standard guitar gig bag! The tone is unbelievably huge with a resonance that comes through even when unplugged. It also features an incredible Japanese Maple top with detailed appointments that set it apart.”

Other features include a chambered mahogany body, flame maple tone block, Macassar ebony fingerboard, and a Fodera/Pope custom 4-band preamp. Get the full scoop in this episode of Fodera’s “Mondays with Mike” where he hand delivers the signature axe:

The Fodera Tony Grey Signature Monarch 6 Elite Headless is available for order with a price of $13,940.

Fodera Tony Grey Signature Monarch 6 Elite Headless Bass Specs:

Body:Chambered Mahogany
Tone Block:Flame Maple
Top:Japanese Maple
Neck:3-piece Hard Rock Maple
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Inlays:Mother-of-Pearl Dots
String Spacing:16.5mm
Pickups:Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil
Electronics:Fodera/Pope Custom 4-band Preamp

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  1. Jim Lucas

    The Tony Grey Signature Headless Fodera is everything I want except the price is absurd! It’s just wood and metal with some electronics. I don’t care where you make it, Musicians can’t afford that! They are no gigs!

    • Han Lie

      When the company moved from music passions too greedy passions. 13 G? Yeah right.

  2. Eric T Peterson aka Petey

    Ok. I like Fodera basses. And I like the Tony Grey model the features, and everything. But for $13G’s? I DON’T THINK SO!?