BassGirl: Swingin’ ‘Till the Girls Come Home

It has been a while since we featured a video by BassGirl, the 14 year old bassist who has caused many jaws to drop around here.

Oscar Pettiford and Jon Hendricks tune “Swingin’ ‘Til the Girls Come Home”, with vocalist Chris Humphrey, pianist Ryan Parker and BassGirl’s father on drums (cool family).

Did we mention that BassGirl is 14? Or that she started playing the bass in November 2009? Once again, holy smokes!

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  1. Great bass playing!

  2. This is great. The look on her face tells me everything. This young lady is doing something many of her much older contemporaries often do not…she’s listening. No ramp on her bass, and the only thing this bass player will ever need a scrunchie for…is her hair. Thanks to whomever posted this.

  3. I like I like , it bass.

  4. Wow, kid is great! I know an excellent 13 year old drummer – too bad we can’t get them in a band.

  5. When will we see her with Jeff beck?

  6. You’re all missing the point: we finally have video PROOF of a teenage girl listening to her dad.

  7. I’ve been a fan since I stumbled randomly on her TEENTOWN video on youtube.since then BASSGIRL has continued to FREAK PEOPLE OUT with her musical ability. her song ROLLIN, which she wrote at 7 years old confirms that reincarnation of JAZZ MASTERS IS REAL!

  8. shut up and let the yong lady play bass! awesome

  9. Bassgirl is pretty good but that man should never sing or scat ever again. He is awful. I hope that’s not her Dad or she’s stuck with him.

  10. That is the way to finger pick a bass! Needs better amp settings or amp.
    That cat can scat…literally scat..move along!