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Lady & The Bass Release “Groovy”

Lady & The Bass: GroovyBassist Alberto Rigoni has teamed up once again with vocalist Irene Ermolli, to release Groovy, a new album out now and available as a free download.

The duo, known as Lady & The Bass, channels electronica combined with innovative bass playing to create their own unique brand of pop.

“I would say it’s pop, with electro, funky and experimental influences, yet it’s original and very catchy,” Rigoni shares. “Melody is given not only by Irene’s voice, but by the bass itself. Its groove, well… makes you move!”

While Lady & The Bass’s new album is available for free download, a special limited edition CD can be purchased from their website to support the artists.

In tandem with the album, Lady & The Bass released a music video for the opening track, “Eclectic”:

Groovy Track List:

  1. Eclectic
  2. Soaring
  3. A New Life
  4. BASSex v2
  5. Let Me Try
  6. Paradise
  7. Slave