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Alfred Adds Radiohead to Ultimate Bass Play-Along Series

Ultimate Bass Play-Along: RadioheadAlfred has expanded their Ultimate PLay-Along series with a volume dedicated to Radiohead. Ultimate Bass Play-along Radiohead: Authentic Bass Tab includes a 56-page book with musical notation and TAB transcriptions offering up Colin Greenwood‘s bass lines for eight of Radiohead’s most popular songs.

The book is accompanied by two enhanced CDs containing sound-alike recordings for each tune.

The CDs have two versions of each song: one with the full band and one without the bass to play with. When used in a computer, the CDs allow you to use the TNT (Tone ‘N’ Tempo) Changer, which lets you loop sections, change speed, and change the key of the songs.

Ultimate Bass Play-Along: Radiohead Song List:

  1. 2+2=5
  2. Anyone Can Play Guitar
  3. Creep
  4. Just
  5. Knives Out
  6. Optimistic
  7. Paranoid Android
  8. Weird Fishes

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