The Four Tops: “Standing In The Shadows Of Love” – James Jamerson’s Isolated Bass (Isolated Bass Week)

We’re wrapping up our “Isolated Bass Week” with the master, James Jamerson.

Here’s the isolated bass track for the 1966 Four Tops hit, “Standing In The Shadows Of Love”.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. All with one finger! Incredible.

  2. Man each time I see such a vid, I smile so badly.

  3. he plays this with one finger Xo mind blown.

  4. it’s hard to believe he only used his index finger to pluck, according to his son! that’s why James’ was called the “Hook.”

  5. The man was a genius, truly…

  6. And hardly ever changed his strings….read stories of his fingers covered in grease from lunch, dinner and him playing away. Man that cat was so aweome! A true legend.

  7. Love it!….. Played with ” the hook”!

  8. Meremortal

    Fantastic track. If you want to make us happy some more, please give us the iso of JJ’s track on “Heard It Through The Grapevine”. The note selection is off the hook and the way he plays across the strings like Macca is in evidence.