Marvin Gaye Reissue Features Previously Unreleased Jamerson and Felder Bass Lines

Marvin Gaye: Let's Get It On: Deluxe EditionMarvin Gaye’s catalog has been getting refreshed as his most famous albums reach significant milestones, and that now includes a deluxe edition of Let’s Get It On. The pivotal record, which turns 50 this year, has been packaged with an additional 33 bonus tracks including 18 of which were previously unreleased.

“Comprised of tracks recorded during an intense six months of sessions in Los Angeles in ’73, this newly enriched ‘Let’s Get It On: Deluxe Edition’ presents the album’s original eight songs alongside unheard mixes and material from all the sessions along the way, in addition to a trove of funky and fascinating instrumental tracks – and unreleased versions of the ballad recordings Marvin returned to time and again.”

As with the original album, all of the sessions for Let’s Get It On featured bass royalty, with the low end being helmed by either Motown session legend James Jamerson or Wilton Felder, who many know for his playing on “I Want You Back” by the Jackson Five. As such, we have new previously unheard Jamerson and Felder bass lines to dig into. Unfortunately, the credits are not entirely certain on which bassist is on which track.

Two of the components of the box set have the bulk of the unreleased material: a collection of instrumentals from sessions led by producer David Van DePitte and a set of ballads recorded in 1973.

Get a taste of the archived material with “Song #2”, a ballad supported by supported by a wonderful bass line credited to Jamerson.

Let’s Get It On: Deluxe Edition is available in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Let’s Get It On: Deluxe Edition Track List:

Original Album *

  1. Let’s Get It On
  2. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
  3. If I Should Die Tonight
  4. Keep Gettin’ It On
  5. Come Get To This
  6. Distant Lover
  7. You Sure Love To Ball
  8. Just To Keep You Satisfied

Single Edits:

  1. Let’s Get It On (single version) *
  2. You Sure Love To Ball (single version) *
  3. If I Should Die Tonight (original LP edit) *

Album Bonus Tracks:

  1. Let’s Get It On – demo **
  2. Let’s Get It On – Pt. II (a.k.a. Keep Gettin’ It On) **
  3. I Knew One Day My Day Would Come (instrumental)
  4. Interlude #1
  5. Please Stay (Once You Go Away) – alternate mix 1 **
  6. Lovely Lady (instrumental)
  7. If I Should Die Tonight – demo **
  8. I Don’t Have To Get High To Do It (instrumental)
  9. Come Get To This – alternate mix 1 **
  10. Distant Lover – alternate mix 1 **
  11. You Sure Love To Ball – alternate mix 1 w/alternate vocal **
  12. Just To Keep You Satisfied – alternate mix w/alternate vocal **
  13. Interlude #2
  14. If I Should Die Tonight – SaLaAM ReMi’s Piano Mix
  15. Just To Keep You Satisfied – John Morales’s Stripped Mix

The David Van DePitte Sessions:

  1. Song #1 (instrumental)
  2. Song #2 (instrumental)
  3. Song #3 (instrumental) **
  4. Song #4 (partial vocal)
  5. Shake Well (instrumental)
  6. Perfection (instrumental)
  7. Cakes (instrumental) **
  8. My Love Is Growing (Super Polished) **

Vulnerable: The 1973 vocals

  1. She Needs Me
  2. Why Did I Choose You
  3. Funny, Not Much
  4. This Will Make You Laugh
  5. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  6. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So
  7. I Won’t Cry Anymore

* Previously released
** Previously released bonus songs with fresh mixes
All other tracks are previously unreleased.

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