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Bee Gees: Maurice Gibbs’s Isolated Bass on “You Should Be Dancing”

In this clip, we hear the isolated bass track for the Bee Gee’s #1 classic, “You Should Be Dancing”. The tone coming from that P Bass is glorious, and Maurice Gibbs’s playing is rock solid on this tune. A great lesson on pocket bass playing!

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Stevie Wonder: “Higher Ground” Isolated Synth Bass and Drums

My love runs deep for synth bass. Today’s clip comes from the one and only Stevie Wonder. In this one, we hear Stevie’s isolated Moog Bass on the classic track, “Higher Ground”.

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Bruno Mars: Jamareo Artis’s Isolated Bass on “Uptown Funk”

“Uptown Funk” is one of those songs that gets you moving. That groove is infectious. Here is the isolated bass on the track. Jamareo “Jam” Artis has been one of my favorites since 2009, so this is a treat for me!

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Slave: Mark Adams’s Isolated Bass on “Just a Touch of Love”

Mark Adams is definitely on my list of top bass players. When Slave’s “Just a Touch of Love” dropped in ’79, it set the bass world on fire. Here’s Mark’s isolated bass on the track.

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Vulfpeck: Joe Dart’s Isolated Bass on “Disco Ulysses”

Bart Funk Bass has shared a great clip with Joe Dart isolated on the Vulfpeck tune, “Disco Ulysses”. We always love the isolated clips, as well as anything by Dart!

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Louis Johnson: “Get On The Floor” Isolated Bass

Today, I’m coming at you with an isolated bass video featuring the great Louis Johnson! In this clip, we hear LJ’s bass from “Off The Wall”, and the two basses for the recording: the trusty Stingray, and the classic Alembic Series I bass.

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Elton John: “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” (Dee Murray’s Isolated Bass)

I recently went on a search for videos of Dee Murray (which, unfortunately, are hard to find). This clip came with the claim that this is Murray’s isolated bass on Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.”


NT10: Top 10 Isolated Bass Tracks

Over the years, our Isolated Bass clips have been listened to 1.5 million times. We’ve published over 50 of them, and we’re so glad we don’t have to rank them ourselves. Thankfully, we leave that to you. Here are the top 10 reader favorite isolated bass clips over our history.

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Rush: Cygnus X-1 Isolated Bass, Drums, and Vocals

YYNOT’s Tim Starace shared this isolated track on our Facebook Group recently. We waited to share it today, which is Geddy Lee’s birthday. “Pure Geddy goodness from my vault. I present to you the isolated bass (for the most part) from ‘Cygnus X-1, The Voyage’,” Tim shared. Happy birthday, Geddy!

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Black Sabbath: Sweet Leaf (Geezer Butler’s Isolated Bass)

Today is bass legend Geezer Butler’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with a killer isolated bass track from one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs: “Sweet Leaf.” It’s the opening track from 1971 album, Master of Reality, and besides being a heavy song, it’s a great example of Butler’s style. He lays down the riffs with a huge, sludgy tone, accenting...

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YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Tim Starace’s Isolated Bass)

YYNOT’s Tim Starace is often asked how he gets his tone on the tracks he records with the band. In this isolated bass clip, Tim’s decided to showcase his monster tone – and provide the details on how he gets it. This is from YYNOT’s original, “Kingdom Come.” As for his set up, here’s what Tim shared: CIJ Geddy Jazz...

Bass Videos

The Other Brothers: Joe Dart’s Isolated Bass on “Boogie On Reggae Woman”

The Other Brothers guitarist John Morrison shared this clip with us after having Vulfpeck’s Joe Dart sit in with them on a performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman.” They recorded the performance and isolated Dart’s bass from the rest of the band. And if that’s not enough, they set it to a Mario Bros. video.