John Mayer Trio with Pino Palladino, Live at the Crossroads Festival 2010

We’ve featured the John Mayer Trio performing this tune before, but had to share this version, from the 2010 Crossroads Festival. The band plays “Who Did You Think I Was”, ending with Hendrix’s “Power of Soul”.

Pino Palladino can do no wrong! Drummer Steve Jordan is really bringing it too.

This one has it all, including Bill Murray showing up as an Elvis impersonator.

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  1. Pino is the man! Steve Jordan and John Mayer not too shabby either…

  2. Pino is just a phenomenal bass player. Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Power trio! Pino turn up the volume…

  4. Definitely on my short list of bass favourites. When you check his portfolio its like who hasn’t he played for. Good stuff. M………

  5. great trio! gud music, nice musician, good groovvvvveeeee, all all gud! LOL

  6. Pino always provides!

  7. gotta love the hendrix riff at the end!

  8. I love at the end when John and Steve are going crazy Pino just continues to keep the groove going solidly. He’s the epitome of a bassist to me and my all time favorite!

  9. Tight… Steve Jordon slamming those drums.

  10. how about a bass & drum isolated track :) Not a huge JM fan, but what can ya do

  11. I think it is really good. His music is awesome. A friend? sometimes.. man, sometimes.