In Memoriam: Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd BrevettBassist Lloyd Brevett, the pioneering upright player and founding member of the Jamaican ska group The Skatalites, passed away yesterday after being treated for seizures due to a stroke he suffered in March. He was 80.

Brevett is one of the central figures in bringing ska music from Jamaica to the world, as one of the original members of The Skatalites, which formed in 1964.

“Ska was our type of music that could lift the youth and make Jamaica known around the world,” Brevett once said.

Brevett stopped playing with The Skatalites in 2004, after being ousted over a conflict with newer members, according to Maxine Stowe, a family spokesperson and friend.

Here is the Skatalites, live at Glastonbury Festival 2003:

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Lloyd Brevett.

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  1. Lloyd Brevett carries the spontaneous combustion of a Brevett! Steve Brevett remembers Lloyd Bevett.

    • ” sleep in peace my uncle your brother’s and father is wating to greet you.”

    • Loyd Brevett was lade to rest yesterday, “June 3, 2012” walk good uncle Lloyd, walk good, and keep on playing sweet Reggae Music! + He passed me on collie Smith Drive with the Tivolie Marching Band leading.

  2. Great Band, Great Bassist.