Breaking Down the Pentatonic Scale: The Five Positions on Bass

Today, we’re going to break down the minor pentatonic scale, its positions on the fretboard, and its uses.

As the name suggests, the pentatonic scale is a five note scale. If we look at this scale in A minor, our scale is:

  • A = root (1)
  • C = minor third (b3)
  • D = fourth (4)
  • E = fifth (5)
  • G = minor seventh (b7)

And looking at it as a C Major pentatonic:

  • C = root (1)
  • D = second (2)
  • E = third (3)
  • G = fifth (5)
  • A = sixth (6)

Part 1:

[Editor’s note: When MarloweDK says “B 3”, etc. he is referring to the “flat 3rd”]

Part 2:

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