Andres Rotmistrovsky and Marcelo Woloski: Blackbird (Bass and Percussion Duo)

We’ve heard a lot of versions of The Beatles’s “Blackbird,” but this one sticks out.

Bassist Andres Rotmistrovsky teamed up with percussionist Marcelo Woloski to do an African/Middle Eastern influenced take on the tune.

Rotmistrovsky, who is admittedly a huge fan of the Fab Four, plays on a Hofner Violin Bass while Woloski plays the Calabash to create a unique vibe and a cool groove.

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  1. It’s AMAZING. So much talent and expresion. Very Original!

  2. Paul would be proud!

  3. holy shit sounds great! :D that boulder thingy steals the deal.

  4. Got that bass. SOOOOO Clean sounding its amazing.