Linda Oh Releases “Initial Here”

Linda Oh: Initial HereBassist/composer Linda Oh follows up her 2009 debut with her second solo effort, Initial Here, an eclectic blend of music as diverse as the bassist’s background.

Oh was born in Malaysia to Chinese parents and was raised in Western Australia. Her cultural heritage is what she draws upon for Initial Here. Her early musical training was in classical bassoon, and she began playing bass in rock bands during her teen years in Australia. Oh now lives in New York.

“This album tells a story about identity,” Oh says. “Cultural identity and musical identity. I wanted to go in a few different directions to explore some more extreme emotions.”

Linda Oh

Oh assembled a quartet fitting of the diversity for this release, including Dayna Stephens on saxophone, Fabian Almazan on piano, Rudy Royston on drums and Jen Shyu on vocals.

While Oh is known for her unique and modern approach to music, she also loves traditional jazz. This comes through in the track “Mr. M”, a ballad dedicated to Charles Mingus, as well as their rendition of “Come Sunday”.

In Initial Here, Oh has presented her autobiography in musical form.

Preview and download Initial Here:

Available on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Initial Here Track List:

  1. Ultimate Persona
  2. Something’s Coming / Les Cinq Doigts
  3. Mr. M
  4. No. 1 Hit
  5. Thicker Than Water
  6. Little House
  7. Deeper Than Happy
  8. Desert Island Dream
  9. Come Sunday
  10. Deeper Than Sad

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