Copilot FX Releases New Octave Pedal for Bass

Copilot FX Cubic Octave Pedal for BassCopilot FX has a new octave pedal designed specifically for bass. The Cubic is a versatile pedal with a switch for two different voices – one with pure octave and the other with mixed octave, while the switch on the front of the pedal toggles between providing one or two octaves down.

In addition to Volume and Blend controls, the Cubic has a filter knob for either smoothing out your signal or adding some synth texture.

The fourth knob is unlabeled and adds clipping to your signal to enhance the performance of the filter knob. An expression pedal input on the side of the pedal allows for on-the-fly control of the unlabeled knob.

The Copilot FX Cubic is handbuilt in the Dominican Republic and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website for $150.

Copilot FX (Prototype) Cubic Octave Pedal Demo:

Copilot FX Cubic Octave Pedal Specs:

  • Octave Down Pedal
  • Volume, Blend, Filter, and Clipping Controls
  • Dimensions 4 5/8” x 2 1/2” x 1 1/2
  • Expression Jack
  • Powered by DC 9v power Jack (center negative)
  • Lifetime warranty

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