Boss Unveils the OC-5 Octave Pedal

Boss OC-5 Octave PedalBoss’s octave pedals have been the standard in the bass world, and now they’re updating their OC series with the OC-5. The new iteration of the pedal introduces a new Vintage mode, polyphonic enhancements, and an octave-up feature for extended range. The Vintage mode will be interesting for fans of the OC-2’s sound.

“Introduced in 1982, the OC-2 Octave was the world’s first modern octave pedal for guitar and bass, and its characteristic voice can be heard in many famous songs,” Boss writes. “The OC-5’s Vintage mode delivers the OC
-2’s iconic mono sound, coupled with improved response thanks to the new tracking engine. Dedicated level controls are provided for -1 and -2 octave effects and the direct sound, giving quick access to a variety of sub
-octave colors.”

Its Poly mode, first introduced on the OC-3 Super Octave, allows for playing full chords with octave effects. The OC-5 has a variable Range knob for restricting the effect to only lower notes. Turning the Range to its lowest setting engages a new feature that isolates the octave effect to the bottom note in a chord. The new octave-up effect works in both Vintage and Poly modes and has a dedicated +1 OCT knob. “Players can use the octave-up effect on its own for faux 12-string sounds and unique solo tones, or blend it with the octave-down effects for extended chord voicings and super-fat leads.”

A switch on the top of the pedal optimizes the circuit for use with either bass and guitar. Finally, the direct out jack lets users route dry and effected sounds to different destinations.

The Boss OC-5 will be shipping later this month for $129.99.

Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal Features:

Vintage and Poly Modes
Vintage Emulates OC-2 Tone
Range Sets Effect Range for Octave Down
“Lowest” Range Isolates Octave Down to Bottom Note of Chord
New Octave Up Effect
Guitar/Bass Switch
Direct Output
Power: 9V Center Negative Supply

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