Red Witch Pedals Unveils Seraphina Fuzz/Octave Up Pedal

Red Witch Pedals Seraphina Fuzz-Octave Up PedalRed Witch Pedals has teamed up with Reverb to release the Seraphina, a limited-edition handmade fuzz octave up pedal. Described as unlike anything the company has done before, the unit is built using four germanium diodes, through hole components, and WIma capacitors.

It has three top side-mounted controls for fuzz, tone, and volume while two switches engage the effect and octave up feature, respectively. “Two internal trim pots allow users to dial the tone in even more,” Red Witch adds. “The first sets the flavor of octave up. From a truly piercing, singing sound to a conglomerate blend of octave and fundamental fuzz tone, this special bias control is a totally unique feature. The Second trim, allows the user to set the overall fuzz girth.”

You can hear the Seraphina on both bass and guitar in the company’s demo:

The Red Witch Pedals Seraphina features true bypass and is finished in a vintage cream power coat. It is available through for $299.99.

Red Witch Seraphina Fuzz/Octave Up Pedal Features:

Limited to 100 units
4 Germanium Diodes, Through Hole Components, WIma capacitors
Fuzz, Volume, Tone Controls
Engage Footswitch, Octave Up Footswitch
Internal Trim Pots for Octave up and Fuzz
True Bypass Switching
Power: DC 9-volt ”Wall Wart”
Vintage Cream Powder Coat

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