Billy Cobham Group: Red Baron (Live, 2002)

As bassists, we love when there’s a great drummer by our side. (And the opposite is among the worst experiences in life.)

We should all be so lucky to stand next to one of the all-time greats: drummer Billy Cobham.

In this live performance in 2002, Cobham’s group took the stage to perform “Red Baron”. Bassist Stefan Rademacher gets the honor of playing that envious role, and lays down a nice solo along the way.

And while we’re here, you might want to check out this performance of the tune back in 1976, featuring Alphonso Johnson.

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  1. Drummers take note…

  2. what this is 76? judging only by the instruments and the setup, I would have said, early 90s. they were really ahead of their time.

  3. yééhhh, cool version.

  4. There’s a link to another version of this song from 1976. I did sound for Billy Cobham once in 1989, and he was really easy to work with. Baron Browne was playing bass for the band.