Verellen Amplifiers Introduces Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal

Verellen Amplifiers Meatsmoke Preamp PedalVerellen Amplifiers is now offering a pedal version of their Meatsmoke preamp. Aimed at bringing their signature tube tone to a budget more players could afford, the Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal has outputs that can run into the front of your amp or directly into a power amp.

“We realized there was a growing group of people who were really interested in owning one of our amplifiers, but it was beyond their budget,” says company founder Ben Verellen. “We recently had a customer request a tube preamp in the form of a pedal, so we gave it a shot—and the results were astounding! We were amazed at how much of the sonic characteristics of our amps could be crammed into a pedal format. We realized we could offer a production version of a preamplifier pedal with the same quality components and care that goes into our custom amps.”

Taking all the components from the front end of their flagship amp, the Meatsmoke tube preamp includes a Gain Control, a 3-band EQ, and a Master Volume control. The footswitches control the bypass and an overdrive boost, while the back of the pedal has a 1/4? input with a ground lift, a 1/4? output with low and high levels, and a Record output for plugging directly into a mixing board or DAW. The pedal is housed in a black steel enclosure set between two side-panels of finished birch.

The Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal is available now with a special introductory price of $499 via Kickstarter. The full retail price will be $699. For more info, check out the Verellen Amplifiers website.

Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal Specs:

  • Tube Preamp
  • Footswitchable Overdrive Boost
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Drive Control
  • Master Volume
  • Ground Lift
  • Low and High Level Outputs
  • Dedicated Record Output
  • Black Steel Housing with Birch Side Panels

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  1. Can it play something not metal? it’s a bit expensive for a one-genre pedal o.O.