Fender Custom Shop Unveils Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita “Boracho” Bass

Fender’s Custom Shop has unveiled their 2012 Limited Edition Models, including the Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita “Boracho” Bass. Bringing together elements of the Porazzo and its sister Boracha, the Boracho sports a reversed Jazzmaster body with added mass. Couple that with a custom T.V. Jones Thunderblade pickup and you get what Fender says is a “very unique and LOUD sounding bass.”

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita Boracho Bass - full view

The Boracho’s body is made of select lightweight ash while the neck is a single piece of quartersawn maple with a custom “U” shape. The Tone knob controls a Greasebucket Tone Circuit, which rolls off highs without adding bass.

Finished in black and reliced, the bass comes with a limited edition case, strap, cable, custom shop pics, polishing cloth and a limited edition certificate of authenticity.

The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita “Boracho” Bass has an MSRP of $6,000.

Fender Limited Edition Relic La Cabronita “Boracho” Bass Specs:

Body Material:Select Lightweight Ash
Neck:Custom “U” Shape
No. of Frets:20
Fret Size:Medium Jumbo
Position Inlays:Black Dot
Fingerboard Radius:7.25″ (18.41 cm)
Neck Material:1 Piece Quartersawn Maple
Neck Finish:Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Width at Nut:1.5″ (38.1 mm)
Scale Length:34″ (86.36 cm)
Fingerboard:1-Piece Maple
Pickup Configuration:Single Pickup
Bridge Pickup:Custom TV Jones Thunderblade
Controls:Volume, Greasebucket™ Tone Circuit (Rolls Off Highs without Adding Bass).
Bridge:High Mass Vintage
Case:Limited Edition Case
Accessories:Limited Edition Case, Strap, Cable, Custom Shop Picks, Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity, Polishing Cloth

For more information:
Fender Custom Shop website

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  1. For $6K, no thanks, I’ll stick with my jazz basses.

  2. fender highly overprice their custom shops.

  3. $6000 for THAT ugly bass?

  4. Nice, but for 6K? You could get a cheap Epiphone T-bird, a Fender maple replacement neck with tele headstock, do some attaching and tweaking, and voilà, it’s done..call it a day….

  5. thank you Fender Custom Shop for continually producing over priced guitars.

  6. Cool name, crazy price.

  7. “Very unique”

    Sure is at that price. What a joke.

  8. oh come on Fender….. srsly?

  9. I have to agree with everyone here. Come on Fender…

  10. My blue Jaguar looks better and gets several good tones.

  11. Did I just read $6000? I love Fender, but you can get like a Handmade bass for this price, even with TV Jones in it ;) I prefer the normal Jazzmaster Style body.

  12. For all the specs, finish, design, etc, I wouldn’t pay more than $600 for this bass. I think the “Boracho” is not the bass but the guy who put the price on it, which is actually very “cabrón” (you must excuse my bad language, Spanish speaking fellows).

  13. Fender R&D and Marketing departments are really missing the boat on a lot of their recent models……most of the good designs are only available as Squires….sorry but I only buy basses made in the good old U.S.A.

  14. ya I think I’ll keep the money and invest it in something smarter like idk maybe a wal?

  15. so, 6k for a reverse jaguar body, a telecaster neck, and a crap pickup…… you could buy all of these parts for waaaayyyy less than 6k.

    • I wouldn’t say reverse jaguar body or a crap pickup. The only reason you pay that amount is because not only is it a limited edition, or the fact that it comes from the custom shop but it’s also a relic version or the original. If it was made in Mexico I’d be like 3 thousand, you pay double on every fender product just for the USA make. Which is bullshit btw.

    • And btw, if you want to talk basses with someone that’d be awesome. Just chat me or whatever.

    • I didnt figure you were that much into basses, but I agree with the american made costing double the mexican made is bullshit

    • but I have heard the pickups, and they do sound like crap, their flat and have very little attack

  16. Why build a bass that does not balance?

  17. The neck, bridge and pickup are fine.
    Over all it misses the mark.
    And at $6 k I wouldn’t want a single scratch, let alone a “relic” job.

  18. hm… actually this is not my bass.

  19. Neck dive worse than a Gibson, and a tone control that does not add bass. Sign me up?

    Why bother with 2 strap buttons? Why not attach the strap at the butt end and hold the whole guitar up with your hand?

    • Mule Skinner

      Misha, you have to be taller than 3ft and be WEARING your prosthetic leg to eliminate that problem.. Get a grip, with both hands

  20. S.G.Nightingale

    does’nt boracho mean bum..or drunk? either way cant see droppin that kinda coin on this peice…

  21. brownbear

    Obviously, Fender wanted to stir up controversy… “boracho” means “drunkard”, and “la cabronita” is a derisive phrase describing a gay man (as in Dire Straits’ “that little f****t”). There’s no reason anyone besides a first-tier touring musician would be interested in buying this. They want us to want it, and to be frustrated when we can’t have it.

    • Mule Skinner

      La Cabronita Boracho/The Drunk Bitch.. The homosexual signature Bass youre looking for is the La Pinche Joto Pendejo

  22. peete

    First play this insanely sounding and looking bass and then judge. .. idiots. . I bought the boracho on a european distributor and paid 3000 USD. . 6000 is just the list price. …

    • Modmatic

      Amen to that….This bass is unique and VERY cool looking! TV Jones makes KILLER sounding pickups! If you like the traditional looking Fender instruments, then good for you. There are some of us musicians out there who like to turn heads with something cool and different. I’m not looking to get an OK from other musicians. I could give a crud what they think. I like the response from the crowd watching me play. BTW, I purchased mine for $1900.00. I think most of the haters here are just pissed because they can’t get one of these gems. KILLER bass, KILLER deal……..end of story! Salud!

      • Mule Skinner

        And an Amen to that Bro.. Picked mine out of 6 new ones right out of the box for $1950US at the only place on the planet I buy my guitars and basses, Dave’s Guitars in La Crosse Wisconsin, Steve Miller turned me on turned me on to Dave years ago, true story.. This Bass can only be appreciated by a true professional and afficianado of the Art, not for the faint of heart “noodling wannabes” like the ones posting most of these comments..

        • Sixxman

          So..Pete, Mule, and Modmatic…all three of you have one of these…and you all still like? I was looking for a nice deal on a use FCS bass…specifically, 51 or 55 type Pbass…but this seems kinda cool in a 50’s meets the future kinda way.

          • Stefan Filer

            Hey Sixxman,
            Very cool bass! I wrote the review above in my honeymoon phase. The workmanship is most definitely top notch. There are two things about this bass that I didn’t like: 1. Serious neck dive (might be made better by relo of the strap button) 2. Difficult access to the upper frets (not a big deal if you don’t use them. This is one of the coolest looking basses, though. I got rid of mine and purchased a Fender CS Limited Edition Adam Clayton P Bass. I am way happier with the P Bass shape (so much more comfortable)! If you want a Fender CS Bass with that pickup (killer sounding pickup, BTW), visit Dave’s Guitar Shop on the web. They have USED NOS Fender CS Proto basses for about $1900.00 which is a killer deal. I hop this helps. Cheers!

  23. Sixxman

    Thanks, Stefan! It’s kinda like a Tele-bird!

  24. For that price, I could get 2 custom made Muckelroy basses, with change. Sorry Fender, but no thanks.

  25. Jerry H.

    It’s given the “relic” treatment…but comes with a polishing cloth. Reverse brilliant.