Nothing but Bass: Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” All Bass Arrangement

Hold onto your hats. Bruno Masquio took Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and arranged it for nothing but bass.

Pretty sweet bass too.

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  1. Even if I don’t like Metallica, this is AMAZING!

  2. mist… ich hab nur einen Bass! ;-)

  3. Its been a while since I’ve inflicted a bass overdose on my fb friends.

  4. What model P Bass is that? I really like the tone.

  5. pretty freakin awesome!

  6. That was pretty damn intense.

  7. SICK man! You have managed to capture Cliff Burton’s magic with Hetfield’s heaviness. Bravo sir.

  8. Try turning the bass down in the mix now!

  9. Les Claypool did a version of this as well.

  10. Well done.

  11. Kevin

    The bass is a Precision Deluxe Special.

  12. great job, Bruno!