Sterling By Music Man Unveils S.U.B. Ray4 and Ray5 Basses

Sterling by Music Man has unveiled the new S.U.B. line of basses, which the company says is meant to make Music Man designs available at more affordable pricing. The new line includes the Ray4 and Ray5, which are cousins to the Music Man Stingray 4 and 5 basses.

Sterling By Music Man S.U.B. Ray4 Bass

The new basses are built with hardwood bodies and maple necks with satin finishes. Neck adjustments are made easier with a thumbwheel at the end of the fingerboard for truss rod adjustments. The fingerboards are either maple or rosewood depending on the body’s color, which can be Black, White, Walnut Satin, or Honeyburst Satin. The basses all carry a humbucking pickup matched with a 2-band active preamp.

Sterling By Music Man S.U.B. Ray4 Bass

The Sterling by Music Man Ray4 and Ray5 will be launching in the U.S. this September with prices between $199 and $299. For more details, check out the Sterling website.

Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Specs:

  • Solid hardwood bodies
  • 34? full scale maple necks
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • Satin tinted neck finish
  • Narrow 38 mm nut width
  • 2 band onboard active preamp, cut & boost
  • Large heavy duty bass bridge with full adjustments
  • Easy access truss rod adjuster
  • 6 bolt super strong neck joint

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  1. Nice, unless they don’t make left handers, in which case I HATE them…

  2. Very nice, I’ll take a Ray5!

  3. Nice basses. 5er for me… and at that price I would take them by the dozen.

  4. Why Why Why can’t they redesign the bridge and let the terrible olp designed bridge retire? That was the weakest point on my olp mm3 until I put a Hipshot style A.

  5. Giving Squire a run for their money at this point…I like it.

  6. They say their using hardwood for the body, but don’t state which type

  7. I wonder if the” B “, string is thunderous like it’s USA made big brother?

  8. sooo… its S.U.B. by Sterling by MusicMan? Seriously? I wonder what the marketing department was smoking…

    • I played one and compared it to the Sterling Ray34 and I really could not tell much of a difference in sound; the build wasn’t that bad either. As a matter of fact I was pretty impressed, and I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of the beauties. Give one a try, you just might be impressed.

    • no, its the SUB series, like a model, made by sterling by musicman.
      exemple: SUB (model) sterling by musicman (manufacturer)

      Jazz Bass (model) squier by fender (manufacturer)

    • Both made at the Samick factory….

  9. S.U.B.? Sports Ultility Bass?
    Anybody knows if they will also make a convertible?

  10. My birthday is coming up :))

  11. I bought a walnut finished Ray4 as a beater. Then liked it so much that I got a white one as a backup. Now the white one is my GO TO bass. The walnut just sits in the corner.