Weather Report: “1” (1971)

Weather Report emerged thanks in large part to the late-60’s music of Miles Davis, particularly Bitches Brew. It was on that session (and In A Silent Way) that the band’s cofounders – Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter – first collaborated.

Soon after, the first iteration of Weather Report came together, anchored by bassist Miroslav Vitous.

Here’s the band in 1971, performing a highly improvised piece, which starts out just right – with Vitous’ bass (which looks awfully tiny in his hands). Hard to believe this is over 40 years old.

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  1. The experimental approach here is so new “again” after 40 years. I’d like to go and do the same tomorrow. I’d be looking to achieve the same thing which is what makes this so ahead of its time or maybe nostalgia has taken over me.

  2. orange amps? awesome!

  3. This is what improv is all about. I wish there were more daring and talented musicians putting out this kind of sound these days. RESPECT!

  4. Always loved his electric improvs such cool tone!

  5. Oh man.. this is some heavy shit.

  6. ” Little Umbrellas”? Brings back such Memories.