Samuel Haynes: “Lucid” Solo Bass Performance

We first featured bassist Samuel Haynes back in January, thanks to our Facebook friend Charles Hoernemann.

Here’s Samuel once again with an impressive solo bass performance of a tune he wrote named “Lucid”.

For the tune, Samuel tuned his bass BEAD and uses a capo.

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  1. very cool love the tone!

  2. This is so GREAT! I’m going to have to practice on that right hand technique…

  3. Sweet and monstrous!

  4. Really cool but some parts are a bit “guitar track” but it still awesome :P Great job!

  5. Absolutely awesome! An old rocker like me will never be able to do stuff like this.

  6. I absolutely love it. Apart from being a very talented guy, this shows how versatile the bass is. I wish I could play like that.

  7. I am a bass player…and that’s what I do. If these guys want to play guitar, then why not play guitar. Do it with the proper instrument. I would never want or desire to play my bass like that. Nothing against his ability, but that style on a bass sucks…

    • Really Kenny? “Sucks”? We all have our tastes, and that is cool. But we think our instrument of choice is broader than the traditional approach. Plenty of evidence to support that too, and a lot of it within our pages here. That’s why I wrote this:

    • Maybe… the word is a little harsh, but i absolutely hate that playing style. I was never even remotely interested in it. The guy has his technique mastered, but i just can’t connect with that style belonging to bassists. I could understand an intro or outro, but an entire tune, just runs me crazy.

    • Corey, it should also be noted that giants like bass master Anthony Jackson defend the point of view that the electric bass is technically still a guitar… a bass guitar.

    • Can’t argue that…

    • He’s still laying down the low end if you listen carefully. He might aswell add something else in if he can. ;) Plus he was doing some slapping, which is usually alot easier on a bass guitar than any other guitar.

    • I think bashing an entire style because it doesn’t match your mold is a bit close-minded. It’s all music, the medium shouldn’t matter and if you think going above and beyond what the average player does makes it inferior or irrelevant, you’re not getting the point of music.

  8. He has a really bright tone for such a low tuning. Is he using piccolo strings? Or is that primarily his EQ?

  9. Wow, this dudes amazing!

  10. Sometimes one cannot see the forest for the trees- is it beautiful, well played MUSIC? If so, then alright!

  11. So, I have a bunch of basses and some amps to sell now. I no longer have a reason to play anymore after watching this and his other videos.

  12. The bass it’s an Ibanez SRX 350 model , isn’t it?

  13. I love Mr Haynes work but I think the main riff of this tune is spectacular. It’s the phrasing that does it. Spot on!

  14. very nice indeed. Zander Zon, watch out, someones gunning for you!

  15. All I can say is NIIIIIICCCCEEEE! I couldn’t stop listening to this tune!

  16. Sounds awesome!