Simon & Garfunkel with Pino Palladino: The Only Living Boy in New York

While preparing to interview Joe Osborn, I became borderline obsessed with this song. Originally played by Joe on Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, the bass line has such a beautiful melody to it while holding down the harmony in all the right spots.

Here’s a clip of the duo’s DVD Old Friends Live on Stage with bassist Pino Palladino, who presents the line in his own incredible way.

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  1. … unfortunately German users are exempt from viewing this video! Thanks to GEMA!

  2. Pino plays such great busy lines that never seem to get in the way. Something to consider. I play this in a S&G tribute band (Absynth Makes The Art Garfunkel) in the Atlanta area. Very inspiring.

  3. just about my fave P. Simon song… ages so well.

  4. I liked this in 1969, but eventually I grew up and got over being a baby boomer.


    The bass line from the original version of this song is probably one of the finest I’ve ever heard…