Pearl Jam’s “Alive”: Isolated Bass & Drums

Based on the huge popularity of the isolated bass tracks, we’ve decided to do our second “isolated bass week”. (Check out our previous isolated bass week, after this video.)

Here’s Jeff Ament‘s classic bass line on the Pearl Jam hit single, “Alive”, from the album Ten. Such a cool line, with all the right mix of awesomeness: fretless (I believe it is a Wal 4-string fretless), plus overdrive and harmonics.

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  1. Really liked having the drum track included. Context was helpful.

  2. I thought he used Hamer basses. Cool either way.

  3. I believe it was an ESP that he used.

  4. What a brilliant player Jeff Ahment is!!! Hope i am half that giid when i hit the recording studio

  5. C. Wiskey

    Pretty sure that’s an 8 or 12 string Hamer.

  6. AJ

    I think it was a parts bass with an esp neck. Might have been an all esp bass.

  7. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rocks!!!

  8. Brandon Trent

    The bass he used was not a Wal. It was a “Frankenstein” bass with a natural finished Warmoth body and a fretless ESP neck

  9. Stephen

    If he was playing a Wal, they must have gotten one hell of an advance from the record label.